Thursday, August 30, 2012

Character Movie Clips

We are teaching Cornell Notes at school this week and a coworker shared her plans for modeling the structure of the notes using movie clips on a site I'd never heard of. WingClips is an amazing (and free!) website with movie clips that "illustrate and inspire." There are hundreds of categories/themes on their page with snippets from movies that demonstrate the characteristic listed. The movies are current, relevant, and SAFE!

One of the vocabulary words my students learned today was camaraderie, and I was able to teach it showing clips from Forrest Gump and Coach Carter:

If the website is blocked at your campus, they also have a downloading feature, so you can save the clip at home to show in class. And as you can see there is also the capability to embed the video (great for powerpoints)!

~Mrs. Scott

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Classroom Management Bingo

I'm BACK!!!

I started a teaching position in a new district and it has opened up tons of fabulous resources to learn about. And I have so, so, so much great stuff to share! If only I had the time to get them all on here, but I will do my best.

First up is actually an idea that was inspired by pinterest, a weekly bingo card to help with classroom management. I didn't find any online that said exactly what I needed it to, so I just made my own through excel. I thought I would save you the time and effort by sharing an editable version to meet your needs.

So here you go:

Click here for editable document

~Mrs. Scott