Thursday, September 15, 2011


My students have had a blast playing the card game War in class this week!

Remember War, the game where each player flips over a card and the person with the highest card gets them both? We put a spin on it for math, putting fractions on the cards to be compared (picture and numerical versions). Later next week we are going to use decimals, and then mix the stacks to compare both.

I have also thought about making other decks in the future for...

Math comparing:
Rational numbers
Squares/square roots
Scientific notationArea/perimeter/volume

Language Arts comparing:
Number of syllables
Number of nouns/adjectives/verbs in a sentence or paragraph

Science comparing:
Number of protons/neutrons/electrons
Age of trees based on tree ringsTemperature by reading thermometers
Calculated speed/force/energy

I would love to hear your suggestions as well!
~Mrs. Scott

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  1. A coworker of mine has her 6th grade students play this with steps of the writing process. Great idea. Thanks for sharing. I love the owls on your header.