Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quizlet: A new way to study

I seriously have my roommate from college, Tracey, to thank for earning a college degree.  And not only for walking across the stage, but graduating Magna Cum Laude. 
I was not a good student before I met her, and God only knows how I even made it into a four year university with the grades I made in high school.  My gpa didn't even put me in the top half of my class...  I never learned how to study.  I was a decent test taker, but that was more from paying attention in class than studying for the test itself.
My freshman year at Sam, Tracey was the flashcard queen.  She made flashcards for every test and used them to study.  We, along with our other two roommates were in the same History class and decided to study together.  We each would take a chapter before the exam and create flashcards on that chapter then share them with each other.  I quickly discovered that I am definitely a visual learner and begin to use the flashcards in every class for every exam.  When I graduated, Brian and I lit a huge fire in our fireplace and burned what I thought would be the last set of flashcards ever.
Little did I know, even "grown-ups" have to study for tests sometimes.
I have taken 3 certification tests since entering the field of education (PPR, Math 4-8, and Sped EC-12).  Recently my new principal asked that I also get a Generalist 4-8 certification so that I could pick up another section of 8th grade ELA (I was only teaching resource ELA and Reading prior to that). 
So I registered, scared to death about passing.  I knew the Math would be easy, since I have taught that for a few years, and was also comfortable with Language Arts, but the Science, and ESPECIALLY Social Studies had me nervous. (I know, most people are Math/Science, or ELA/Social Studies, I'm a freak...)
So anyways, at a workshop, I recently learned about a new website that would have been perfect while I was in college:


Quizlet is a free website that lets you create flashcards.  Even better, you can view flashcards that other people have made over the same topic and "steal" them, then delete or add to flashcards from that set to help you out.  You can then study or test yourself and play games with the flashcards.  There is even an app for your phone, so you can study on the go without needing to print (which you can also do!).

I passed my test with even higher scores than I have made on any of my other certifications!


  1. Congratulation on passing your exam. I used to get flashcard by Quizlet for a short time. By chance, my best friend suggested for me another site: contains letter and sound, make me remember vocabulary faster. I really feel more interested with this app!