Friday, January 11, 2013

Figurative Language Hidden Pictures

After posting my first Teacher pay Teacher item less than a week ago, I have already made 4 sales for a whopping $10.65! hehe 
Maybe not enough to retire on, but definitely an added bonus for something I had already done for my class anyways!  And what's nice is now that it is posted I don't have to do anything else but continue make a profit off of it.
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I was so inspired by my first set of sales that I created another item and posted it today:
Do you remember how much you used to love color by numbers?

This is the same concept, but instead students color similes, metaphors, and personification examples making your English, Language Arts, or Reading class fun and relevant, especially for you kinesthetic learners!

The set includes two hidden picture sheets, along with their keys. 

*Even better, ALL of the examples on the first sheet are popular song lyrics from every genre and kids will LOVE it! Some artists included: Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Nas, Rhianna, and Elvis.
~Mrs. Scott

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  1. Congrats on selling your first item! I still JUMP up and down when I sell something. I am still very new and I made $6 in 2012 :) But it is picking up. Your blog looks like a great fit for my middle school blog log. Check it out if u can :)