Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crate Seats: Extra Seating and Storage!

I found this great idea on Pinterest. I don't have enough chairs for each student to have one PLUS go under my guided reading table. My day pretty much consisted of moving chairs back and forth. Then we had to find the "missing" chair... I could go on and on. So, when I saw this....

I thought... I can do that! I e-mailed a picture to my mom and she too got super excited about using our "crafty" side. Off to the fabric store we went to get supplies to make these. I found the cutest fabric to match my frog/pond theme for my classroom.

Next I went to Wal-Mart and the crates were on sale for $3.50. They had many colors to choose from (pink, green, blue, back, red, and gray). I also had to buy spray adhesive, ribbon, and batting. (If you choose to do this, get something thicker than batting.)

I sprayed the adhesive onto the wood and wrapped the batting around the wood pieces. Then we had to staple the fabric on using that really huge stapler. I also added ribbon across the top to just add a little flair.

Finished product:

It was so easy to make and the total cost for 6 crate seats was a little over $50.

~Mrs. Halbardier


  1. Love this and the fact that it required no sewing! Did you cut the boards to fit or did you buy them that way?

  2. Mike cut them for me. We had wood that was warped in the garage that used to cover our windows during hurricane season.