Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Teacher Gift Ideas

If you have some new teachers/faculty on your campus, be part of the welcoming committee with an idea below! (These gifts would also be great for your child to give to their teachers on the first day of school or at meet the teacher!) For more details, visit the original site by clicking the underlined link.

Sobe - "We are SO excited you are going to BE ___'s Teacher"/"We are SO excited you are going to BE on our campus this year!"

Lotion - "Hope you have a smooth year!" - website even has multiple printables to choose from.

Teacher Survival Kit - blog gives you a list of gifts to add to the basket along with a cute little saying to go with it

Air Freshener - Would change the wording to say "Hope you have a SCENT-sational year!" You need to check out this blog b/c they have a lot of other great suggestions.

Soda - "Soda"-lighted you're my teacher/at our school!

Cupcake Bouquet

Fortune Cookies - "We are so fortunate to have you as a teacher!"

Teacher Supply Cake - a new spin on the popular diaper cake!

Skor Candy Bar - "We Skor'ed Big!"

~Mrs. Scott

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