Saturday, October 1, 2011

Teaching with Rap Music

I don't know about y'all, but the junior high I teach at is full kids that know the words to every rap song written. They LOVE when we play music in class, and the songs stick b/c you can hear them humming the tunes during tests. My 'neighbor' found a couple of youtube videos she told our hallway about on Friday. I already warned her I would be stealing them for the blog! I found a few others while browsing that are fabulous! I love technology!! (And creative teachers who share their goods on the internet!)

Teach Me How to Study:

Getting Triggy Wit It:

Teach Me How to Factor:

All I Do is Learn:

Scientific Method Rap:

Rock Cycle Rap: (LOVE this one!)

Layers of the Earth Rap:

Phases of the Moon Rap:

Layers of the Atomsphere Rap:

Genetics Rap:

Chemistry Rap:

~Mrs. Scott

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