Saturday, November 12, 2011

Personalized Pencils

A couple of years ago, I purchased these before our upcoming state assessment:

They were given to my 8th grade math students, which was even more effective b/c with around 100 students, they obviously don't all get to test with me. I thought some might find it cheesy, but even my toughest students wanted one and held on to it.

After test scores came back a few students who had never passed before, finally did, and attributed it to their lucky pencil! Since then, I have continued the tradition.

I purchased mine from Oriental Trading costing $17 for 72 pencils. Let me know if you find them somewhere else for less.
~Mrs. Scott


  1. Awesome and simple idea Personalized Pencils
    ! The way the weather has been lately, I could use some summer vibes:)

  2. Hi Rachel - I see this post is a couple years old, but I'm going to "steal" Personalized Pencils some of these ideas for my shopping list this year! Thanks for the great ideas.